Fall 2018


From the Editors

How to Make a Person: A Recipe

︎︎︎ Mays Albaik

Providence Votes

︎︎︎Marcus Peabody

Encounters with the Codex: Redefining Forms of Publication

︎︎︎June Yoon

How to Encounter a Puddle

︎︎︎Anny Li

A Brief List of the Premises from a Maker Stuck with Paper, Politics, and Performance

︎︎︎Yasi Alipour

Art Writing and the Place of the “I”

︎︎︎Randy Kennedy

Written in Stone: Lineage, Legacy, and Letterforms

︎︎︎Irina V. Wang

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (a Graphic Designer)

︎︎︎Tiger Dingsun


︎︎︎Théïa Flynn

When One Door Closes: Examining Issues of Space and Student Curation of Campus

︎︎︎ Wen Zhaung

Addressing the Empty Plinth: Lessons from Gallery Shows and Public Art

︎︎︎Jeremy Wolin

Modern Usage: In Conversations with Remeike Forbes

︎︎︎Eliza Chen and Tiger Dingsun

Dangling Threads: Remaining Unclear in Capital

︎︎︎Everett Epstein

A Vagabond Viking Voyage and Midsummer Daydream

︎︎︎ Mike Fink

Everything is Interdependent

︎︎︎ Angela Dufresne

La Bolita

︎︎︎Elaine Lopez

Bread Day

︎︎︎Olive B. Godlee

Against the Archive

︎︎︎Satpreet Kahlon