Fall 2018
—From the Editors

  “You great big huskies of the open space—” starts the letter from the editors in the November 1925 issue of The Salamander, one of RISD’s early campus publications. “You just sing and aren’t bothered by reasons and wherefores …” In that same issue, we learn of desires for a campus theater and read a fictional satire around corrupt politics. Nearly 90 years and numerous iterations of student publications later, we’re running on a similar wavelength—though corrupt politics, fictions, and satires have become fact, and we are increasingly bothered by reasons and wherefores. We might prefer a more simple address than the previous nomenclature, but here we are at the end of 2018, addressing all that comes across our paper with equal fervor:

You great, vast, varying readers of the open space—

Since its conception, v.1 has featured many faces. Its content has taken form in books, newspapers, even post-its. Every year it’s different; every time, we begin at “volume 1.” This Fall, v.1 has seen its fair share of changes—now covering both undergraduate and graduate affairs and with four student staff editors—but its mission stayed the same: to be a platform for conversations across diverse disciplines, cultures, and perspectives.

In this issue: two professors weigh in on aspects of their craft, traveling as far as Scandinavia and as near as the RISD Museum, a guest contributor speaks on art writing and the place of the self, and students reflect on politics, practice, and dogma across generations. They look back on historic manuscripts, to past projects and recent events, and forward—opening up a space for future inquiry and inclusion. This issue as a whole prefers subjective observations over objective facts, ongoing conversations over finite resolutions. Its content presents the various expressions of truth that artists and designers work within, offering critical and credible examinations of various sides of anything.

We’re grateful to the many who have found in v.1 a home for their thoughts, explorations, and questions. Much like all else, we are an ever-evolving, always-imperfect project. We invite you to experiment with us.

Editors, v.1

Mays Albaik
Tiger Dingsun
Irina V. Wang
Wen Zhuang