Spring 2023


From the Editors

︎︎︎v.1 team

RISD Custodial Strike Coverage

︎︎︎Alex Ferrandiz, Karina Garbarini, Maxwell Fertik

The Making of the “Hello Modernists” Podcast: An Experiment in Academic Necromancy

︎︎︎Malcolm Rio

The Spoken Word: An Exploration of Language, Storying, and Empathy

︎︎︎Angelina Rodgers

Distance is Deafening

︎︎︎Sae Oh

Coastal Mnemonics

︎︎︎Zeyuan Ren

A Girl Who Grew to Be Too Tall

︎︎︎Pauline Castillo

Touhghts About Tihngs

︎︎︎Cat Love

On Common Ground

︎︎︎Katherine Fu

The Female Gaze

︎︎︎Hannah Bashkow

A Market that Never was

︎︎︎Dinh Truong


︎︎︎Mina Troise

Jumping Jacks

︎︎︎Meave Cunningham


︎︎︎Zhexing Huang

Tech Transcendence

︎︎︎Jordan Metz

Illumina- stoma--makeup

︎︎︎Xiner Lan

Process and Practice

︎︎︎Viraj Mithani, Gabriel Rojas, Andrew Shea, Malda Smadi, Scott VanderVeen

The Meeting

︎︎︎Cara Wang

Beware of the Dogs: A Guide on How to Be an American

︎︎︎Cole Miller

Twenty Propositions on a Mesoscale Low-Pressure Center

︎︎︎Audrey Wang


︎︎︎Gabriel Rojas


︎︎︎Tracy Shi

I'm 20

︎︎︎August Ostrow

Print as a Means of Gesture

︎︎︎Tamar Chameides

The Week that Carmex Stopped Working

︎︎︎Betsey Lee

Colliding Scopes

︎︎︎Arete Xu