Pandemic Publishing
Spring 2020 - Spring 2021


Call for Submissions, SOS Edition


︎︎︎Irina V. Wang

Let Yourself Be Lifted

︎︎︎Jackie Scot

Art is Everything

︎︎︎Jen Liese

Two Poems

︎︎︎ Ella Rosenblat

Living Room Dance Party

︎︎︎Ariel Wills

On Walking When Walking Is Advised Against

︎︎︎ Keavy Handley-Byrne


︎︎︎Cita Devlin

Ads in Corona

︎︎︎Hannah Oatman

COVID -19 and Communitas

︎︎︎Elaine Lopez

A Time for Pie

︎︎︎Elizabeth Burmann

How to Stay Motivated When You’re Stuck at Home

︎︎︎Clarisse Angkasa

Coerced Harmony (A Tour)

︎︎︎Hammad Abid

Zooming In and Out

︎︎︎Tongji Phillip Quian


︎︎︎Ciara Carlyle

Hi. txt

︎︎︎Dan Luo

A Poem About Boredem, A Composite

︎︎︎Maixx Culver-Hagins

Eyewitness News

︎︎︎Tristam Lansdowne

Distance Maps

︎︎︎Marcus Peabody

Theraputic Suggestion

︎︎︎Maria Aliberti Lubertazzi

Keep Your Heart Six Feet Away From Mine (and other moments)

︎︎︎Arielle Eisen

Twenty Instructions for COVID-19

︎︎︎Charlotte Isabel Dazan

Cuerno 1 y 2

︎︎︎Yan Diego Estrella Wilson

A Monolith of Grief Regarding the Absence of Touches or Letter to a Future Loved One

︎︎︎Garcia Sinclair

Coronavirus by the Thousands

︎︎︎Drew Dodge 

Two Poems

︎︎︎Kathryn Li

Beds Are Burning

︎︎︎Aleks Dawson

Still Lifes

︎︎︎Yidan Wang

Fragments of Seva

︎︎︎Jagdeep Raina

Packing Up and Staying

︎︎︎Woojin Kim

Chronic Pain and Fermentation

︎︎︎Ralph Davis

Quarantine Letters

︎︎︎Hannah Moore

Sounds of Silence: An Isolation Soundscape 

︎︎︎Dara Benno

14 Day Detox for Designers

︎︎︎Erica Silver