I’m 20

August Ostrow
→BFA FURN 2025

I’m 20. 20. 20.

I know people say we are all insignificant
in the grand scale of the universe,
But think about it—today I have lived through a whole one percent of the
common era.
If I survive to the age of 100, I’d have lived through five percent.

Here, imagine we’re like mayflies, only alive for one day. If January first is the crucifixion of Jesus, we’d hit the current day before we even reach February. That’s nine Chinese dynasties, the Mayan empire, Ancient Rome, the dark ages, bubonic plague, American revolution, the moon landing—all over the course of just 20 back-to-back lifetimes.

If this was all just January, what the fuck is February?

August Ostrow is unemployed.

Editors’ Note: The above is a script from the winning submission to the 2023 Ivy Film Festival 72 hour challenge. The video was made in collaboration between August Ostrow and Sophia Gatti (FAV 2025), who did the animations. Watch the complete video here