The Week that Carmex Stopped Working

Betsey Lee

with all these birds and things that fly
who am i on the ground with these shoes and socks
hole in heel, unmatched

the cross words puzzles solve mysteries in and out of the chicken coop
and if i could tie a bow of ribbon around them and send them out to sea, I would
to go see the sea and return with news, stripes and medals
for accomplishments unseen by all but yourself

do not return until all the stones are brazed with brass and bronze, or until my pockets
fill with untouched sand

why not a firefighter, why not a regular farmer, why not a stone farmer

what I learned this week: it’s not always good to be nice

starting today providence and topanga will light and dark for the exact same amount of
06:54 vs. 18:54
07:02 vs. 19:03
day vs. night
night vs. light
light vs. dark
dark vs. bright
bright vs. cloud
cloud vs. sky
sky vs. ground
ground vs. building
building vs. stone
stone vs. sea
sea vs. sky = horizon

give me the butter
i am the chicken and i want to try the omelette
i can hear it and it is why fake children are retrieved and used in the kitchen
if i made it once i can make it again
if i made the first part i can make the second

the headline reads Love on the rocks will live forever
and a tornado rolls through

why don’t you become a storm chaser you almost omelette

i don’t have legs how can i chase

i’ll make you an omelette with legs if you ask
in secret

a spell to turn the omelette back into the eggs

you first have to take one stick
it can be tall or short
engineer it into the ground
next to a tree as if you are planting the stick
take an egg and balance it on the stick.
on top of the egg balance 5 pebbles smoothed by a stream
and a stick insect when it’s in disguise
bury the omelette
near the tree and the stick but not too close
north west of two
make sure it's 3pm
with a new stick, draw a circle
the omelette
in soil

one with dust
two with glass
three with fallen weather veins
four and then

collect your worms like the birds
in to the circle (who is now a sphere)
wait until they make the omelette all gone with no teeth
your egg
between the stick and 5 pebbles
will have 2 yolks

Betsey Lee is looking at a man with a selfie stick taking photos of topiary shaped like trophies and obelisks.