Fall 2023

From the Editors

︎︎︎v.1 team

Open Letter to a Bubble

︎︎︎Colby Case


︎︎︎Emerald Jiang

Something About Belated Avowal:
A Performance by Cat Ashley

︎︎︎Karina Garbarini

Murmur of the Land

︎︎︎Maedeh Tafvizi

I think that you think that I

︎︎︎Marshall Baker

Wake Up and Provide Content for Sleeping to Dream (ME-NIFESTO)


Concrete Mites

︎︎︎Tristan Ouweleen

Almond Breath and Cyborg Sex

︎︎︎Buzzy Martin

Summer Collections

︎︎︎Clare Hawkinson


︎︎︎Kobe Jackson visits Marin Griffith, Christine Jung, and Jasem Tareq Alsanea

Best! A Critical Review of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

︎︎︎Julæ Tan


︎︎︎Yucheng Che

Said and Done

︎︎︎Cole Messinger

How to Find the Passenger Pigeon

︎︎︎Rah Gerg

Movement Experiments

︎︎︎Yukyung Chung

“What’s up with the Whitman bags?” A Conversation with Jake Shore at Ladybug Providence

︎︎︎Michael Gunn

I Wanted to Remember, but What I Recall

︎︎︎Olivia Stoltzfus

Why You Write

︎︎︎Michael Han


︎︎︎Mina Troise