Spring 2019


From the Editors
︎︎︎ v.1 team

A Room without a View : Reflections on Studio Practice from a Privileged Poor

︎︎︎ Chantal Feitosa

Between the Battlements
︎︎︎ Jeremy Wolin

Accessing Color: Dissecting the Havard Art Museum’s Forbes Pigment Collection
︎︎︎ Makoto Kumasaka

British Club Tattoos
︎︎︎ Nasser Alzayani

Making Space: Creativity and Resilience in War-Time Sri Lanka
︎︎︎ Elizabeth Dean Hermann

How to Become Trans: A Proposal for the Modern-Day Gender-Agnostic
︎︎︎ Asher White

Making It Up: A Conversation with Kent Kleinman
︎︎︎ Wen Zhuang

“In Pieces”: A Conversation with Matthew Shenoda
︎︎︎ Mays Albaik

︎︎︎ Nora Mayer

Negative Spaces
︎︎︎ Emily Wright

Centerfold: Urgency Lab

Rise Up: The Sunrise Movement Takes Root in Rhode Island
︎︎︎ Wen Zhuang & Irina Wang

After Strand
︎︎︎ Nafis White, García Sinclair
 & collaborators

Soldiers of Love?
︎︎︎ Karen Schiff

Decoding Ghosts
︎︎︎ Molly Hastings

An Annotated Bibliography
︎︎︎ Eli Backer

Jesus, Marilyn, and Britney: Relationships between Religion and Celebrity Culture
︎︎︎ Nina Yuchi

The Social (Antique) Network: Empathy in the Age of Digital Antiquing
︎︎︎ Zola Anderson

Pardon My Little Episodes

︎︎︎ Michael Brandes

Seeking Fair Game on Hidden Fields
︎︎︎ Reilly Blum

The Should Be Here Is Not Here
︎︎︎ Joss Liao

Index of Agency
︎︎︎ Sophie Chien

Don’t Eat the Models

︎︎︎ Barbara Stehle

Hypothetical Drink Personality Test: Who Said What, and When?
︎︎︎ Eliza Chen

Dear Arabic

︎︎︎ Mohammed Nassem