Fall 2022

From the Editors

︎︎︎v.1 team

Camille Norment, 
Fleet Library October 17, 2022

︎︎︎Clinton Van Arnam

No Longer Transparent:
A Conversation with the Curator

︎︎︎Irene Chung

RISD’s Identity Crisis

︎︎︎Karina Garbarini

Holding A Stone

︎︎︎Soeun Bae

It Takes Time

︎︎︎Harsh Thakkar

Box Thoughts

︎︎︎Macaque Jagusah

Cracking Crabs

︎︎︎Ryan Scott

The Surprising History of the Drinking Straw

︎︎︎Raúl Falcón

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Seclusion, Rights to Privacy, and Queer Othering

︎︎︎Evan Goldhagen

Fat Halos and Whatnot...

︎︎︎Katherine Fu

A Drawing vs. a drawing

︎︎︎Michael Farris

Mingus on My Mind

︎︎︎Zibby Jahns


︎︎︎Page Sullivan

A Flash Pan Vision

︎︎︎Olivia Schroder

We Weren’t Desperate

︎︎︎Michael Gunn

Chucherías (Knick-Knacks)

︎︎︎Graciela Batista

Carolina Gold

︎︎︎Ryan Smith


︎︎︎Jacob Davidson

The 2022 Grad Show:
Comments, Inquiries and Revelations

︎︎︎Maxwell Fertik

A Little Song for a Snowy Night

︎︎︎Cara Wang