Page Sullivan
BFA PH 2025

My ouroboros heart
chases its tail
with fangs outstretched
frustrated with mouthfuls of air.

I feel its chambers churning
that warm animal pulse
shifting and cnstricting.
This rib caged-knot
won’t work itself out.

It doubles over in hypocrisy.
Its teeth snag.
It smiles.
It bleeds.

One moment of stillness

of revel in a goal complete.
Scaled hurricane eye savoring
the clarity of cold blood.

The caesura ceases
then pace quickens
as jaw unhinges
and tail tip disappears.
This heart tangle tightens

Folding impossibly
in on itself
until my chest cavity contains
a single vibrating atom.

Here comes the big bang.  

Page Sullivan loves to look at the stars.