Two Poems

Ella Rosenblatt
BROWN U BA Art History and STS, 2021


My socks are gridded and
turn my body into
an animation or
a globe with latitudes.

If someone were to scale my
ankles like a crest, would
they still fall to the ground
and where does ground start
versus mountain, they look so the same

At one time this bench was
pristine and painted, at one point
the wood unrecognizably “tree”
where does wood start versus
trunk, after the cut?

“Eventually we should have an
antibody test that you can get,” says the passer,
with a hoodie stretched up to make
his head resemble the post of a tent.)

night terrors (quarantine poem)

i see my mom and dad dying every morning s alarm and i n my sleep my dog just collapsed someone wrung out t he orange and spilled their guts into the living room gutter

or is that what it is already ? i’ve gone and con fused oneself

i see my body as a bunch of cables i’ve got to squeeze them taught to busting every morning my dog just collapsed ginger don’t help it’s ok just blood coming out of ur ass killing is one always or just two capsules a nitrous air gas music might b the only magic rock that saves them only three doilies soften the blows in this pittsburgh garden always felt like hymn

i’m afraid of shadows and specially filtered light how does it how the fuck does

fear is almond shaped and my elbow comes to a point i always want ed my veins to show in earnest
or to write all across my body, then wash

that’s what i want everyday

in another life that is what I was everyday only words no skin wash only for renewal only be for new mother making space for new dirt