Change Is The Only Constant v.1 2024 Calendar



Winter 2024
—From the Editors

This January, the v.1 team spent some time leafing through the student photography and publication archives in Special Collections. We gravitated toward retro photos of RISD students and faculty that emanate a variety of RISD experiences, from the small joys of perambulating Benefit Street to the eclectic rush of making in a studio space. Searching for a way to highlight and honor these visual histories, we decided to make a keepsake in the form of the very first v.1 calendar. We recruited friends, old and new, to revive these snapshots of RISD life. With 12 re-creations for the 12 months of 2024, we offer you a space to fill with special events, daily to-dos, and dates to remember.

The days, weeks and months continue to pass. So we invite you to ruminate on the way landmarks remain but the people who move through them change. As you stumble upon the places you see in this calendar, consider: What’s different? What’s stayed the same? Where do you see yourself? And finally, what will you leave behind for future RISD students to discover, love, or re-create?

Ollantay Avila
Graciela Batista
Katherine Fu
Karina Garbarini
Michael Gunn
Samantha Hernández
Kobe Jackson
David Legrand
Angelina Rodgers
Mina Troise
Arete Xu
Tonia Zhang
Mei Zheng