This RI

Gregory Ghilani Shark
BFA FAV 2022

I swear to god the Sun can never catch me in rhode island
the Two Worlds could never touch
So a beautiful night-time body
Always dark red embers my pathetic eyes shut

There, brown and yellow ice ships are to soar grand
As orange winds dance homeless on cold rope besides
Two Worlds always separated
By one’s devotion becoming model scale tectonic

If it were for the people who I love
I would be struck down and wonderful
And still shave my head bald
To make wonderful peanut butter and jellies all night

If it were for the art making that I love
I would obliterate every solid angel’s inheritance
Poison every acai bowl and ride Spirit airlines forever
But I just don’t need to do that because

In Fitchburg they are selling baby betta fishes out of stained wine glasses
While in Providence people from other countries
Are crying over non-fungible tokens:
Two Worlds that will always touch

And even though all of the equipment is due back at Media Resources on June 4th
I did have fun.

Gregory Ghilani Shark makes movies and takes pictures.