In/Enter Blue

煦 (Susie Zhu)
BFA PR 2023

“in/enter blue” is a piece of music composed of two entangled poetry texts (“Composition I”
in English, “in the room there is a sea” in Chinese); it is also a piece of writing created from sounds (glass, noise, chair noise, recording memos of poetry, writing, etc.) all sampled from within the room I remained in after returning home due to COVID… What I really am thinking about is the possibility of reconstructing an abstract landscape and generating it with minimal but disturbed language … I had marveled at the expansive space that could be created from contemplation or even just dreams when physically I was kept in such a limited space (my bedroom). It is an ekphrastic effort to reproduce that expansive space … feeling or living out the space, encoding the space, and finally, leaving the space (?). Since the work includes Chinese text, I took only the Chinese part out and attached some rough translations here below (just for reference; bilingual comprehensibility is not intended/compulsory).

煦 (Susie Zhu) is a lunar poet. She is currently busy brewing *butter rabbits* in her new abode on the earth.