Whispers From My Pillow

Iain Donaldson
BFA PT 2023

Now don’t...
Now don’t…
Now Don’t you go off
           don’t you go off
                    don’t you go off running
                            go off running into the midnight moon
                                    into the midnight beaches

Off running
            off running into the sand digging

            digging to find
                    through midnight sands
                            midnight moons
                                    midnight beaches

Asleep waking
            asleep waking for the feeling

That feeling
            cool feeling against digging
                        dinging palms against
                                    palms against moonlit sands
                                                sands against
                                                            against digging sands
                                                                 against don’t you’s
                                                                               don’t you’s
                                                               against don’t you’s
Don’t you remember the night the night we went we went to the moon we went to the moon and all we saw all we saw was the sands the sands from the beach from the beach the beach the night the beach the night we the night we went to the moon?