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When two of us have similar ideas...


When two of us have similar ideas, how did I convince her to work on my idea?

1. I listed good points in her work

2. I pointed out some of the advantages of my work(I exaggerated a bit and said some of what she wanted to hear, for example like, my idea is very easy to be made..)

3. I convinced her to put the good point of her work in my work, and we combined our two ideas




a grandfather clock...

Lewis Shaw

a grandfather clock built around a timid, shaking boy with double vision—head bruised with every chime. glass front, open for a glance to passers-by (and by) he'll break his fingernails scratching at the floorboards.



“Liza ... there’s nothing level about this rock”

I had a dream I was a baby bear...

→Sofia Carrera-Britten

I had a dream I was a baby bear going home and I recognized the tip of Oregon and I laid down and nuzzled the grass and talked about the way it was rendered so accurately with an outer shell

Dream I watched a tv peyrgm...


Dream I watched a tv peyrgm about Vikings where they werew trying to make a giant BLT over an ice cliff

i’m thinking of you now...


i'm thinking of you now, could you also be thinking of me?

unknown intentions can be scary
known intentions can be threatening too

what does knowing what you contribute for the other do?
"what is it that you get from me?"
"what is it that i give to you?"

something to think about even though one can never know without hearing from the other

dear marl...

Camille Gross

dear marl.
my body is so human. i love it- it is soft and i can hold myself in it. my body can sing to me. it can run with me. when i am hurt it will try to repair me.

it is beautiful, but it can kill me. sharp as a knife! it shakes in my hands. under my own weight, i will be crushed to a pulp. the weight of my body.

my mind will become a king or a glass crown.

dear marl,
i want to start testosterone. 'HRT'
hormone replacement therapy
how real tonight
heaven rests there

dear marl,
will i change? am i changing? yes. my body will be given agency to change in new directions. i wonder if the straight boys ive fucked will still think im a girl.

ive eaten my mothers pearls.
every morning when i get up, i take one and swallow it. in the evenings i drink a glass of red wine to remember her by.
besides, we all need to remember our mothers in order to become them. and you know as well as i that we can only become mothers.

dear marl,
i wonder if cis men can embody motherhood

dear marl,
today i saw

in jorts I march...

→Gregory Shark

in jorts i march towards business boys that will become business men

I realized today that i smelled like my ex boyfriend because i’m wearing his same

chunky clunky baggy rattling on the track wheels bouncing on the trucks boxing vintage 2000’s Lawrence do you train conductor uniforms

corpus callosum march in jorts
All i do is think about prey becoming predator
we could

modbase has inherited emphermallity...

Yennefer Liu

modbase has inherited emphermallity
Constant brith and constant death

-saying it enough adds value...


-saying it enough adds value and habitation
-an undefinable quality that exist in the sub surface- beyond language and indirectly a feeling an essence
-anti-aging regimen
Mustard gas and roses
Water feature in suburban setting
Apocalyptic - psychological expressions actions features gestures of the artsy and those performing networking
Gestures of the psyche
Moments of clarity in language and moments of murkiness or unconscious making
Abstract and automatic making as a method of accessing a part of the brain that is always on but not always accessed consciously
Pointed work as clearly formed sentences
Leaving room for a feeling of failure -



Poor Orange
Pigeon P
ieThe Whom
Go For Salmon


Until Pork

Wally World

Baby first steps...

→Sofia Carrera-Britten

Baby first steps and glow in the dark star bathroom and there was a photo where I was at the beach on some bleachers wearing my prom dress next to will and there were other people too

shivering on the subway platform...


shivering on the subway platform. hypodermic needles and cigarettes. gasps for breath through a pinhole straw. take a long drag and breathe in that self indulgence. hedonistic teenagers spill out of sliding doors two by two and begin to melt. sit awhile and watch its smiling face.

dancing waltz...


how to draw that

I get the sinking feeling that you’re a black hole...

Rah Gerg

I get the sinking feeling that you’re a black hole- an all encompassing all consuming being with a massive gravitational pull, but entirely incapable of seeing beyond yourself

I was starving and you devoured me
Trying to navigate the vast ocean you speak between us
Making me feel so small, fold me up at least put me in your pocket if I must feel this small then at least i can follow your footsteps and feel closeness
I said I hadn’t ate, I hardly slept, I was in pain, I had been wronged and you said you hate sad people and that you couldn’t give me comfort

Portrait of devoting yourself to someone who worships themselves

Heartbreak- you’re a bottle thrown and broken on rock and left there. The water slowly absorbs the pieces of you with the tide and you sink into thw muck, numb. You’re tossed beneath the surface where everything is murky and muted. Then seemingly an eternity later you find yourself released, placed back upon the shore. But now, the pieces are weathered. The edges and corners are rounded and there’s a soft haze to the color. And maybe someone will pick up this sea glass and put it into their pocket

I was walking along...


I was walking along and I saw a cute seal in the distance hanging out in a little wavy pool of some sort and I was filming it. As I got closer I came up to the seal and realized sitting across from it was Will Ferrell. "Cool seal" I remarked and he said something like of curt and I ended up getting the idea that he was the wildlife I wasn't supposed to observe. So I walked off and found my way into a building where they were seemingly making a movie. There were camera crews and set ups and there was Nicolas Cage. I tried not to be disruptive and snuck onto the craft services room. I was told I could have something to eat and started getting some lemonade but left quickly when they started saying their roles on set. After watching a bit of a take I snuck to the back of the room near the door and saw I was sitting next to Robert De Niro. He was with his grandson it looked like. And we talked for a solid few minutes where he was actually friendly and I wanted to appear like I knew what is as doing. I got a booklet I wanted from him and we watched a take. He commented positively on Nicolas Cage and Cage gave an impassioned speech about how good the take they had just done was while standing on a table. De Niro said they were doing a play but it looked like a movie. Then afterwards everyone was leaving at for the day and De Niro and I chatted until we reached the parking lot. I saw him walk off and saw I still had my booklet. I decided to head home because a student in the parking lot said Artist Ball would not be happening

hastily-written down dream, circa March/April 2020

the clarity of long shadows...


the clarity of long shadows
trapped by mechanical light
promising endless nights (a liar)

your touch extended
across bodies, each
laid out across the floor
indenting the carpet.
Bodies seek to create permanence
and memory
wherever they go
they fight against time
or rather, you fight against time
and the body drags you through.

two lovers in a wrestling match
each scratching half heartedly
smiles on their faces --
but cutting into old scabs
becomes harder and harder to repair

an artificial dusk
is eternal in my home
it holds my desires
reminding me of their delicate construction
meant to be left undisturbed and
forgiveness has no place here
only regret



"hey" for starbucks name


6-11: cut table parts...

→Madeline Young

6-11: cut table parts

To do:
cut table parts tmrw morning
read lawlor
watch autocad videos
draw tool
research/collect sources for paper

and i fall down in iridescence
humming to pitter patter motors in the
They are saying “today you are alive
do nothing. Only go and make and
Think and be”

Autumn with a small of sea

you cannot know how much good you can bring to any day!!!

Burning Citus...

Silvy Zhou

My mom says the first thing I did after I was born was eat and the second thing I did was grab a bee off the windowsill. My fingers, never not pruned from dipping them fully into my breakfast, against a sickly pollen ridden body, one summer morning. A sting between my ring and pinkie finger made my skin all swollen and smooth.

Since that day on it had been unspoken rules and home remedies. My grandma minced a pound of meat and boiled it in plain water for three hours and the layers of fat bubbled to the surface. My grandma slice open an orange and held it with a metal ladle over an open fire and the scent of burning citrus drowned out the salt.

I like to tell my friends “I practically raised my siblings” but the reality is that they practically raised me.

My grandpa’s birthday on the Agricultural calendar falls on the same date as mine on the Gregorian calendar and whenever we see each other it feels like time travel. So sometimes I scrub off layers and layers of my skin from my arms like he used to. I get so afraid of seeing his complexion in shreds of my own skin, of seeing him as anything other than my home or of realizing that he never was.

Sometimes I get myself a glass of freezing cold water and don’t drink it until all the ice melts.

From in the air...

C. Lu

From in the air
Lakes looking like mercury with the
sunlight reflecting off them
Earth looking like an organic circuit
board, with road traces and
building microchips
We are the electrons in the
machine called Earth

buy milk




Your soul is tired
Shoulders sagging
Weighted chest, the air feels thick
Life is hard to swallow.

Take a long drink,
Take a deep breath,
Do not let yourself sink.




Your body aches
Feet dragging
Sore and stressed, the world is sick
And so you wallow.

Let it be heavy,
Let yourself cry,
Ask: for what?
Instead of: why?

Your mind is troubled
Thoughts nagging,
It needs a rest.
The signal is weak and
You feel hollow.

Unmute, connect.
Buried up to your neck,
Work is the only distraction.
Looked in the mirror,
The only human face in days.
Turn to months.

We’ve lost           touch.

Sabo Kpade is the outgoing Art and Design Editor at v.1. He is a writer and curator who specializes in the arts and cultures of Africa and its diaspora in the UK, US and Europe. Sabo is also an art writer for Contemporary & and a content writer for Apple Music Africa. Previously, he worked as a curator at kó Gallery (Lagos, Nigeria) and as a journalist for Media Diversified (London, England), Guardian Newspaper (Lagos, Nigeria) and Okay Africa (New York, US). Sabo is a member of AICA-USA, the United States section of the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art.