Monday 3 o’clock

Josh Sowden
MFA ID 2024

Green tea with honey and a bowl of mixed up emotions:
A full head, and a weak mind, with plenty of space between to miss somebody.
I left at 3:30 this morning…
It’s 3 in the afternoon as I’m writing this.
The air is crisp up here and the light turned cold while I was away.
On my way home from class I was passed by some strangers who knew my name.

All that once dazzled up North, dazzles a little less the second time around:
Tarnished silver, eaten by the winds of change.
The light shines on a different crowd…
I sound cynical but I don’t mean to be.
I really don’t mind.
I’m happy.
Really, truly happy.
See, I was lucky enough to find someone golden:
Eyes like sapphires with a mind sharpened by diamonds...
He dazzles in a way those things never could.