A Searcher’s Guide to Finding Happiness in Three Buckets of Water

Soeun Bae
BFA SC 2023

Directions to locate the first Bucket

Find yourself at the lowest level of the field. At a very slow pace, breathe out through your nose, gradually adding in a tone to your exhale. Bring up your tone to the threshold right before your voice goes out into a humming noise, but do not hum! As you continuously sustain the near-hum, try to listen for an echo inside your cranium. Follow the echo until you reach a point where the echo resonates just loud enough to cover your breath.

Directs to locate the second Bucket

Observe the image sitting on the first Bucket of water for signs of movement. It may seem completely still, but look for the faint route it gravitates towards. Memorize the pattern of the movement. Observe closely until the photograph finds stillness. Float over to the next bucket following the movement of the image that you have noted mentally.

Directions to locate the third Bucket

Find yourself at the highest level of the field. Open your mouth and hold a small piece of cloth over your mouth. Bring your mouth flat to the ground, then scream! into the ground. The Bucket will hear your scream and send an echo back to you through the ground. Follow the guidelines of the Bucket and follow its directions.