a guiding light

Mehek Vohra
BFA GD 2024

the lights blur
swirling on the edge of the window
surreal like an oil painting
the strokes tilt and turn

my eyes refocus
reality hits
i’m floating away
further    and               furth er                     away

a city of countless
cells and neurons
interconnected by lights
blinking like stars

as we ascend into the stratosphere
the city shrinks
dissolves and c.rr.r.uu.u.mm.m.bb.bll..l.ee.e..ssss
particles in the blackness

as i write this i realize
i am no longer
paying due diligence
to the view b
                   e                    s          
                   l                  d                
                  o                 r
                  w              a          
tracing my gaze u
i spot a steady light
mistaking it for a star
i  wa i t    f o r    i t     t  o     p a s s     m  e       b y

but it doesn’t.
it remains.
almost fading but concretely there
i think of my mother.

i think about fall—

crash—                —ing

how much would it hurt?
would it give me an adrenaline rush
like he did long ago?

a fine border lies between
land    ~~~~~~    sea
a silkworm’s slow trail
so delicately ruined

paths of lights carve out
no man’s land
in a territorial sense
must we [box] [ourselves] [by] [borders]

clo u d s    t o  o     p a  s  s       m   e          b    y
leaving me
engulfed by the nothingness
and my one guiding light

Mehek Vohra is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Graphic Designer who aspires to understand how humans interact with the information that surrounds them. She loves to pen down her invasive thoughts in inconsequential sentences in an attempt to make sense of the world.