Annual 2015 - 2016


From the Editors

︎︎︎v.1 team

Five Days a Week: A Call for Student-Citizens

︎︎︎Ala Tannir

How Do You Assert Authorship in Your Work?

︎︎︎Emily Grego

The Paper Trail

︎︎︎Jillian Suzanne

Ledger of Likes: Instagram and Art School

︎︎︎Paul Rouphail

Archives and Aloo Parathas : The Punjabi Deli

︎︎︎Jagdeep Raina


︎︎︎Diane Lee

Noise is Always Safe

︎︎︎Drew Litowitz and Edek Sher

ROI: Return on Investment

︎︎︎Mary Yang

Henry’s Feed

︎︎︎Tristram Lansdowne

Prisoner’s Cinema

︎︎︎Nick Missel and Thalassa Raasch

Embodied  Imaginary : From Gendered Bodies in Virtual Spaces to Powerful Bodies in a Physical World

︎︎︎Maggie Hazen

Tales From the Critkeeper : Allegories of “Constructive” Criticism

︎︎︎Rosalind Breen

Art Comedy

︎︎︎Chris Goodale

Three Days in Venice

︎︎︎Lisa J. Maione

Are You Ready for an Inderdisciplinary Program?

︎︎︎Feiyi Bie

Thoughts on Black Mountain College  

︎︎︎Sakura Kelley and Daniel Morgan

On Supports and Surfaces , a Q&A With Saul Ostrow

︎︎︎Hannah Bigeleisen

Huginn & Muninn

︎︎︎Caleb Churchill

Scraps From The Rabbithole : Incomplete Reflections on the Problem of the Canon and the Role of The Critical Designer

︎︎︎Melissa Weiss

GS | Grants Research 2015

︎︎︎Over the Transom, Thalassa Raasch, Emily Winter, AmandaPickens, and Henry F. Brown, Kenneth Fontaine, and Julia Samuels

Claiming the Visual Culture of Global Commerce

︎︎︎James Chae

Extra Credit

︎︎︎Maggie Hazen and Tristram Lansdowne

Notes: Carolee Schneemannin Real Time

︎︎︎Anne West

We Demand

︎︎︎Black Artists and Designers (BAAD),with student and faculty allies

Rending the Mythic Gate

︎︎︎Reya Sehgal