Work with Sabo Please!

Until Spring 2021

We are seeking aspiring writers on art, design, and exhibitions, at risd and beyond, to work alongside Sabo Kpade, v.1’s newest editor, global arts and culture graduate student, and longtime critic for Okay Africa, Media Diversified, Guardian Newspapers (Nigeria), and contemporary &, to develop your critical writing voice. Reach out to v1@risd.edu and include in the subject line: “work with Sabo, please!”

A Live Reading from Fall 2020 & Wintersession 2021


Check this space to see when this is happening.

A Return to Printed v.1!


Check this space to see when this is happening.

Post Vote, Now What?

Until Spring 2021

RISD students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to lend their voices to Post-Vote, Now What?, a collective reflection on democracy, community, dialogue and where we go from here. Post-Vote, Now What? is both a storefront exhibition (at RISD’s Color Lab, 30 North Main St.) and an online publication to be published by v.1 on here soon. It asks us to respond (by December 1) to one (or more) of four prompts in words and/or images:

  1.  How do you define/understand/experience democracy?
  2. What is most important for you to say right now?
  3. How are you fostering change, conversation and unity?
  4. Now what?

Multiple responses over the project’s duration are welcome; a conversation may emerge; some responses may even become prompts themselves.

To contribute visit this Google form, where you will download a PDF on which to share your response to the prompts. Please follow the instructions there. Questions: postvote@risd.edu.

View current submissions here.

Artist, Activist Journalist:
Nov 8 2020, 4–5:30 PM EST

v.1 presents a conversation about whether, why and how to make your voice public in the political/cultural/activist sphere. Marisa Mazria Katz, a writer, founding editor of Creative Time Reports and director of the Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism, will join multidisciplinary artist Michael Mandiberg and technology/social justice expert Dhruv Mehrota for a discussion of the broad values and practices of artist-led journalism and the motivations, tactics and impacts of the work.

Q&A to follow.

If you're interested, please register here. We hope to see you there.