Keep Your Heart Six Feet Away from Mine (and other moments)
Arielle Eisen (BFA GL 2020)

There are no tears left to cry This day has felt like an eternity

My heart has been breaking every second Today felt less explosive

I’m so much more aware of absence than I am of presence

Simultaneously, everything and nothing has changed

He said, “when are you going to start making real art?” Fuck you

like a footnote to my life, the subtext, the asterisk

My body is allowing me to feel tired

Pain eases without direction I couldn’t point it out if I tried On a map or otherwise

a to-go coffee cup

God! My stomach It was bright red at its peaks from the heat it feels so stiff, like it doesn’t belong to me

The small things
like putting on my watch become so much more important now
I hate that I have to pilot this meat robot

I turn the shower knob hotter just to feel something
Analysis implies a past tense

I think that the attempt to resolve feelings is futile

I climbed to the top of that mountain Didn’t like the view when I got there

The orbits are things like, waking up in the morning figuring out what to wear sex showering looking in the mirror

Her words, “You’re mean!” ring in my ear still to tell the truth I forgot where I was I forgot when I was I thought it was a normal day but after our interaction I noticed everything all too clearly

subtle sunburn

My love for you is futile

My heart? I rip it out of my chest at will Hand it over They got thrown out the side of a car window Stuck on the side of the road for a while They had to hitchhike their way back

Nakedness ≠ authenticity Authenticity = comfort (?)

My heart races whenever I’m outside now I think this hammering is just a reimagining of my heart when it’s fast and tenuous and urgent it reflects my anxiety of being out in the open of being seen of being heard it feels illegal to be outside now

Don’t get into a tizzy, I’m wearing shorts And why does food take so long to cook?

“We’re never going to fully recover from this” I don’t think you can ever fully recover from anything

Keep your heart six feet away from mine

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