v.1 is RISD’s student–led publication. Its form and content change from year to year (it’s always “volume 1”).

Info & Submission Guidelines ︎

Spring 2019

  1. From the Editors
  2. A Room without a View: Reflections on Studio Practice from a Privileged Poor Chantal Feitosa
  3. Between the Battlements Jeremy Wolin

  4. Accessing Color: Dissecting the Harvard Art Museum’s Forbes Pigment Collection Makoto Kumasaka
  5. British Club Tattoos Nasser Alzayani
  6. Making Space: Creativity and Resilience in War-Time Sri Lanka Elizabeth Dean Hermann
  7. How to Become Trans: A Proposal for the Modern-Day Gender-Agnostic Asher White
  8. Making It Up: A Conversation with Kent Kleinman Wen Zhuang
  9. “In Peace”: A Conversation with Matthew Shenoda Mays Albaik
  10. Suburbia_hours.mov Nora Mayer
  11. Negative Spaces Emily Wright
  12. Centerfold: Urgency Lab
  13. Rise Up: The Sunrise Movement Takes Root in Rhode Island Irina V. Wang
  14. After Strand Nafis White and García Sinclair
  15. Soldiers of Love? Karen Schiff
  16. Decoding Ghosts Molly Hastings
  17. An Annotated Bibliography Eli Backer
  18. Jesus, Marilyn, and Britney: Relationships between Religion and Celebrity Culture Nina Yuchi
  19. The Social (Antique) Network: Empathy in the Age of Digital Antiquing Zola Anderson
  20. My Little Episodes Michael Brandes
  21. Seeking Fair Game on Hidden Fields Reilly Blum
  22. The Should Be Here Is Not Here Joss Liao
  23. Index of Agency Sophie Chien
  24. Don’t Eat the Models Barbara Stehle
  25. Hypothetical Drink Personality Test: Who Said What, and When? Eliza Chen
  26. Dear Arabic Mohammed Nassem

Fall 2018 

  1. From the Editors
  2. How to Make a Person: A Recipe Mays Albaik
  3. Providence Votes Marcus Peabody
  4. Encounters with the Codex: Redefining Forms of Publication June Yoon
  5. How to Encounter a Puddle Anny Li
  6. A Brief List of Premises from a Maker Stuck with Paper, Politics, and Performance Yasi Alipour
  7. Art Writing and the Place of the “I” Randy Kennedy
  8. Written in Stone: Lineage, Legacy, and Letterforms Irina V. Wang
  9. The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (a Graphic Designer) Tiger Dingsun
  10. Colliers/Necklaces Théïa Flynn
  11. When One Door Closes: Examining Issues of Space and Student Curation on Campus Wen Zhuang
  12. Addressing the Empty Plinth: Lessons from Gallery Shows and Public Art Jeremy Wolin
  13. Modern Usage: In Conversation with Remeike Forbes Eliza Chen and Tiger Dingsun
  14. Dangling Threads: Remaining Unclear in Capital Everett Epstein
  15. A Vagabond Viking Voyage and Midsummer Daydream Mike Fink
  16. Everything is Interdependent Angela Dufresne
  17. La Bolita Elaine Lopez
  18. Bread Day Olive B. Godlee
  19. Against the Archive Satpreet Kahlon

2017 - 2018 
  1. Birds, Bees, and Beyond: The Nature Lab Evolves
  2. Concrete Mixer Drum Solo
  3. Negative Spaces
  4. “Printer Prosthetics” at NYABF
  5. On Writing: Nader Tehrani and Katie Faulkner
  6. On Writing: Marie Law Adams and Dan Adams
  7. On Writing: Kunlé Adeyemi
  8. Connecting Food and Design
  9. Remixing Architectural Discourse
  10. Genesis : 1: Beret Shit
  11. “No voy a actuar en el mundo antes de entenderlo”: Una conversación con Alfredo Jaar
  12. “I Will Not Act in the World Before Understanding the World”: A Conversation with Alfredo Jaar
  13. Imagining Irmgard
  14. Afterwords: Bite
  15. Afterwords: Portals
  16. Afterwords: Calendar
  17. Seeking Drafts


v.1 is a publishing platform for the ongoing work, ideas, discussions, debates, and aspirations of students at the Rhode Island School of Design. v.1 strives to create space and time for conversations across diverse disciplines, cultures, and perspectives. Its form and content are endlessly flexible — it's always “volume 1.”


v.1 believes in accessibility and seeks to be representative of and relevant to its community.

v.1 believes in dialogue and hopes to respect and bridge divides through active listening, reflection, and free and fair expression.

v.1 believes in credibility and is driven by rigorous, meaningful content.

v.1 believes in transparency and seeks to dissolve barriers between students, the institution, the city, and the world.

v.1 believes in uncertainty and wishes to learn, adapt, and forgive our imperfections together.

Submission Guidelines

We are currently seeking submissions for Fall 2019.

Email your ideas to v1@risd.edu.

A 100 word reflection on a visiting speaker? A poem about that one day when you took that one walk and listened to that one song? A report about something in the air at RISD, locally, or globally? A podcast for the web? An ongoing online advice column for those broken-hearted and confused? A comic strip summary of that intense conversation you had last night?

Send us a pitch (100 words or less), a sprouting thought, or an aspirational draft. Summarize your idea and help us understand why it matters (why you care and why others may, too) and what your angle is (how will you approach the topic?).

The editors will make every effort to get back to you within a week. Text should be in Word, images in JPEG and with a basic caption/description.

Our primary criteria for selecting submissions is alignment with our broad and inclusive values (see above). While v.1 will occasionally decline submissions, our overall attitude is: if you want to publish it, we want to work with you to make it happen. Contributors should expect a thoughtful editorial process.

General questions and curiosities are welcome anytime; we’d truly love to hear from you. Email us at: v1@risd.edu.


Irina Wang
Tiger Dingsun
Bilal Ismail Ahmed
Asher White
Angela Lobel
Ariel Wills
Elizabeth Burmann

The views and opinions expressed in v.1 are those of the individual contributors and do not reflect those of the editors or of Rhode Island School of Design.