v.1 is a publishing platform for the ongoing work, ideas, discussions, debates, and aspirations of students at the Rhode Island School of Design. v.1 strives to create space and time for conversations across diverse disciplines, cultures, and perspectives. Its form and content are endlessly flexible — it's always “volume 1.”


v.1 believes in accessibility and seeks to be representative of and relevant to its community.

v.1 believes in dialogue and hopes to respect and bridge divides through active listening, reflection, and free and fair expression.

v.1 believes in credibility and is driven by rigorous, meaningful content.

v.1 believes in transparency and seeks to dissolve barriers between students, the institution, the city, and the world.

v.1 believes in uncertainty and wishes to learn, adapt, and forgive our imperfections together.

Submission Guidelines

v.1 invites proposals in any genre, on any topic, and for any platform. A poem about the hot shop on a poster? Sure. An interview with a visiting lecturer online? We’d love that. Reviews of campus exhibitions in a newspaper? Absolutely.

In the past, v.1 has been a perfect-bound journal, a newspaper, and a website. We’ve made podcasts, posters, and live publishing events. The editors of v.1 are eager to work with contributions (and contributors) of all kinds.

Send us a draft, a pitch (100 words or less), images if you have them, and any other relevant info. Submit text in Word docs and images as high-resolution JPEGs (with captions). The editors will get back to you within a week.

Our primary criteria for selecting submissions is alignment with our broad and inclusive values (see above). While v.1 will occasionally decline submissions, our overall attitude is: if you want to publish it, we want to work with you to make it happen. Contributors should expect a thoughtful editorial process.

Our deadline is rolling; we publish when the time is right.

General questions and curiosities are welcome anytime; we’d truly love to hear from you. Email us at: v1@risd.edu.


Mays Albaik MFA Glass 2019
Tiger Dingsun BFA Graphic Design 2020
Irina Wang MID Industrial Design 2020
Wen Zhuang BFA Photography 2019

The views and opinions expressed in v.1 are those of the individual contributors and do not reflect those of the editors or of Rhode Island School of Design.