Fat Halos and Whatnot . . .

Katherine Fu
→ BFA CR 2025

In my senior year of high school, I read Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude and was struck by its recurring spiral motifs. The world, all topsy-turvy, and its inhabitants were doomed to follow these long, cyclical, coiling paths of fate. One character, mired knee-deep into generational trauma, lamented that “time was not passing . . . it was turning in a circle.”

In that vein, I’ve always felt that my life revolves through set seasons, with certain times slated to hold deep emotional burdens and certain events always returning to face me. Internally, I always see the year as a floating halo around my head. As I trudge through the year, it varies in width and shape. Sometimes it appears more like a donut, continuous and consistent, and others more like a hairpin, hooking back to a finite start. I’ve always assumed that was how everyone else saw it, that time followed them like a collar waiting to tighten. I didn’t think too deeply about it until early October 2022, where, mid-doom scroll, I came across a TikTok by user @luecie attempting to describe the inflated donut visual I had always associated with the calendar. Through conversations with friends, we briefly became invested in each of our visualizations of the year and
in turn our understandings of time.

I asked . . .

So. It’s the beginning of October, right? If you were to imagine, in your head, being at the start of October in comparison to the rest of the months, what do you see? Like, imagine the year in your head. How do you see the year, time? Do you see anything?

And they responded . . .

Katherine Fu is coming home the day after tomorrow.